Leslye Park, Realtor
C: (208) 982-4319
F: (208) 321-2513

Born and raised in Chicago, the search for the perfect place to settle down has taken me across three time zones and five states. Idaho’s nickname, the “Gem State,” couldn’t be more befitting from my perspective as it truly was the “gem” I was looking for. The beautiful hills overlooking the valley, the serene lakes and rivers sprinkled throughout, Idaho truly is the nation’s best kept secret, and it is where I now proudly call “home.”

I graduated from William Peace University in Raleigh, NC to become a teacher, to make a difference. My research led me to start my career here in Boise. After 4 great years as a Special Education teacher, I realized that my passion for helping, relating, and communicating with people as well as my love for all things related to homes could be fused together in a career in Real Estate.

As your real estate agent, I will work hard to provide you the level of service I expect for myself. You will work with an agent that knows and truly considers your perspective. I will work and advise you on your behalf, with your best interests as my top priority. With me, your needs are truly first. That’s my promise.